VSC 1020 – 1030 User Friendly CNC

Versatile, simple, practical and economical, the CNC series VSC1020 MT-1030 have been designed using extreme simplicity criteria for using with a operator interface very practice and intuitable.
Highly complete, they allow to be programmed at various levels: ISO standard (G-code), by edit of defaults cycled (Macro), through the direct realization of a graphic drawing on CNC (Edit VIS-CAM).
It’s possible to import files from external CAM through Ethernet network (LAN) or pen-drive (USB), for direct downloading in the internal memory (standard) of 1 Gbyte flash.


  • Same hardware configuration for both versions M- T
  • Multi language select menù
  • Possibility of programming during processing (MULTITHREADS)
  • Hardware PC base embedded , dual processor, real-time
  • 4 axis/ 5axis + spindle (control in position) management
  • Linear, circular , helicoidal, interpolations
  • Standard flash program memory 1 Gbyte
  • UBS – Pen Drive interface
  • ETERNETH interface connection
  • CAN-BUS modules connection
  • ISO – Parametric ISO standard programming
  • Fixed cicles (Macro) conversational programming
  • Grafic Edit ( mini CAD-CAM included) with ISO profile converted
  • Cicles (Macro) calling and execution direct from single key with icon or menù
  • MACROMAKER PC program for build and import Macro to CNC by yourself (optional)
  • Import and execution file from CAM
  • Programs nesting management (40)
  • Origins table (100 origins) managements
  • MDI function with single block execution
  • Advance 200 Tools table management (tools torque controls)
  • 3D or single plane graphic view (with zoom function)
  • Scale factor setting on each axes
  • Roto-translation of view axis
  • 3D dinamic graphic simulation (with tool show)
  • Dinamic graphic simulation piece during the cicle (real – time)
  • Graphic-percentual view of spindle torque
  • Estimate total time piece execution + pieces counter function
  • “TOOL INSPECTOR” function with tool repositioning and restart of the cycle from a point
  • MECHATROLINK (Yaskawa) interface (optional)
  • EtherCAT interface (optional)
  • PLC management just included fo jog key, selector and override
  • Allarm diagnostic data base
  • Oscilloscope function for set up axis
  • Logic Analizzator function for monitor In/Out states
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