"COMPACT module"

The central unity "COMPACT version", is a CNC on "PC based", with a 1 Gb flash memory, "full color" TFT display at 8,4" or 10,1", USB socket set on the frontal panel.
The system allow to control 4 axis (linear, circular, helicoidal interpolation), + spindle axis (speed and position control).
Again, 20 digital output, 32 digital input, 2 analog input and 2 analog output, 3 PWM output, 5 differential encoder input, ETHERNET socket, Can Bus socket, all available in only one solution highly easy and compact. Keyboard includes 4 "neutral" keys, which can be customized by the user for personal macro.
It’s possible to insert an icon in its pocket under the key.
Any external inpunt is used for the management of those keys. Directly connection of "EKV" extensible handwheel through suitable connector "plug and play".


  • Multi language select menù
  • Possibility of programming during processing (MULTITHREADS)
  • Hardware PC base embedded, dual processor, real-time
  • 4 axis/ 5axis + spindle (control in position) management
  • Linear, circular , helicoidal, interpolations
  • Standard flash program memory 1 Gbyte
  • UBS – Pen Drive interface
  • ETERNETH interface connection
  • CAN-BUS modules connection
  • ISO – Parametric ISO standard programming
  • Fixed cicles (Macro) conversational programming
  • Grafic Edit (mini CAD-CAM included) with ISO profile converted
  • MACROMAKER PC program for build and import Macro to CNC by yourself (optional)
  • Import and execution file from CAM
  • 3D or single plane graphic view (with zoom function)
  • Scale factor setting on each axes
  • Roto-translation of view axis
  • 3D dinamic graphic simulation (with tool show)
  • Dinamic graphic simulation piece during the cicle (real-time)
  • MECHATROLINK (Yaskawa) interface (optional)
  • EtherCAT interface (optional)
  • Allarm diagnostic data base
  • Oscilloscope function for set up axis
  • Logic Analizzator function for monitor In/Out states
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