Digital readout mod. GHIBLI

For any kind of tool machine

The D.R.O. (Digital Read Out) systems of Ghibli set have been projected and developed with extreme rationality: in fac they have all the functions for the applications with every kind of tool machine.
With a very cheap costs easy to use and high releability, they offer a valid option to reduce the production costs with standard tool machine, to correct wear errors and measurement accurancy.


  • Reset - preset display
  • Millimeter/inch display conversion
  • Zero reference search (encoder, linear scale)
  • Absolute/Incremental count selection
  • Midpoint calculation
  • Static memory for 1000 hours
  • Costant pitch
  • SET UP from keyboard: linear correction, count factor, resolution, algebraic sign, counting inversion
  • TEST from keyboard: linear scale/ encoder/ display/ in-out system


  • Feed voltage: 90-270 Vca 50 Hz
  • Power: 40W
  • Working temperature: 0°C - 50°C
  • Storage temperature: -15°C - 75°C
  • Net Weight: 1,1 Kg
  • Signals input: 2 dephased square waves 90° (12V standard) + zero signal
  • Frequency calculation: 150 KHz/channel
  • Number of channels: max 4 (X-Y-Z-W)



  • Single circuit board with microprocessor 32 bit
  • SMD miniaturized technology
  • Levels visualisation on display 17 mm high efficiency
  • Messages visualisation on LCD 16x2 retro-lighted by LED (vers. LOGIC)
  • Polycarbonate tin keyboard to the external agents
  • Polycarbonate tin cover (graphite supply)


  • Relay output "Z STOP" for electroerosion
  • RS232 Output
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