Max hardware axis configuration 12 Configuration 04
Max software axis management (spindles included) 08
Max spindles axis software manag. (speed and position controls) 02
Max hardware PWM axis configurations 06 Max frequency 30 Khz
Max PWM software axis management 03
Max differntial encoder input 11 Max frequency 300 Khz
Max differential encoder input software management 08
Max analogs inputs (+/- 10Vcc) –16 bit res.- 06
Max digital PNP inputs 24 Vcc 128 Configuration 04
Max digital PNP outputs 24 Vcc 80 Configuration 04
Input USB port (for Pen Drive) 01 Only VSC 1040 DM
CAN-BUS port for esternal modules connection 01
LAN port for ETHERNET network connection 01 Only VSC 1040 DM
Port for MECHATROLINK connection 01 Optional
Port for ETHERCAT connection 01 Optional
Direct connection (connector) to EKV extensible handwheel 01
Direct connection (connector) to CPJ Joystik panel 01
Double output (cleaned) n.c. CONTACT emergency button standard
Dual processor CPU – embedded PC 500 Mhz
Operative systems real – time ARDENCE
RAM memory 500 Mb
Compact flash memory for storage program 1Gb Optional 4Gb
TFT LCD Video Display "full color" 8,4"
TFT LCD Video Display "full color" 10,0"
CONTROLLI CNC - PLC (3 chanel)
Sampling time /interpolator 2 ms
Look-ahead(block) 70
Interpretation speed block (block/sec.) 250
Feed /fordward standard
Oscilloscope function (set-up parameter) standard
Logic analizzator function standard
Central unity feeding VSC1020-1030 (60W) 90 - 270 VCA 60 W
Rack MODAX 1000 unity feeding (40W) 90 - 270 VCA 40 W
Override potentiometer standard
Speed and range selector standard
Spindle speed potentiometer standard
EMERGENCY button standard
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