VSC 1020 M - VSC 1030 M

"M" VERSION for Milling, Machining centers, Engraving


  • 4th - 5th axis management for rotary or roto-tilting table
  • Management of spindle in position (Rigid tapping)
  • Management of single handwheel for each axis (X-Y-Z)
  • EKV Remoted handwheel management
  • Touching and centering functions on circle and rectangle
  • Auto-alignement of Cartesian axes in piece positioning function
  • Management of “Gantry” axis with two synchronized motors
  • Fixed cycles (macro) specific for drilling (line, circumference, grid...), milling (pocket, polygon, linear eye type...), tapping and boring
  • Management of under-programs nisting
  • Management of tool presetting probe
  • Cartesian axis tipping
  • Probe Management for auto-learning points (point to point) and conversion in ISO program (auto-learning)


Directly from drawing to the piece

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