Our History

Visel work in the electronic automation field from 1983, mainly dedicating to the measure and numeric control field for machine tool.

The current members start their activities with marketing and the installation of digital readout for machine tools.

At the end of eighties the range of products has been extended with CN positionners and change-parameters for spark-erosion.

Strong of the experience gained in the field, with the installation of thousands of plants, in 1992 the company decides to start the production of linear transducers, to complete the own range of products.

In 1996 Visel moves the new and current head office in Castano Primo, in a productive area of 800mq, where a team of research and development is formed for design and realization of CNC-CN Numeric Control.

In 1998 were put on the market the first CN for milling and turning named VSC980, and then it will be joined new products as VSC400 and EASY-CN, for different applications.

In 2001 have been realized the Numeric Control mod. VSC990 M-T, the evolution of the previous CN that for several years were be the "core-business" of VISEL. Thousands of units have been produced and, till today, they are still on commerce.

Few years later, have been developped and produced the CN VSC 500 and the "point to point" positioner mod. ACTIVE.

At the end of 2006, the company decides to project a new range of CNC (with PC embedded based), which are then implemented, tested and then marketed in the second half of 2008.

The range includes the current VSC 1020-30 M-T specified for turning and milling working and mod. VSC 1010 for general purpose included plasma cutting, laser and waterjet..

Subsequently have been developped the VSC1040 D-M with features and specified performances for working of mould and complex surfaces creates by CAM.

Others products as "MACROMAKER" software and the "POWER STATION" enlarge the range of products.

All this added to the long experience and a well organized sales network, allow Visel to grow up every year, investing in researching and development to guarantee to its customers an high qualitative level joint to an high flesibility of use.

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